Lesson Daytwo – Learning VBScript not Javascript





Start lesson off with hangman game.  Missing word :  scripting  (9 blanks)


Use the game to review terms and concepts from lessons dayone and dayoneb

-         PWS, ASP, “first.asp”, wwwroot, VBScript, HTTP (response-request protocol), ASP (components VS. objects)

-         TEXT reference :          Active Server Pgaes 2.0 Unleashed by SAMS

o       ISBN :  0-672-31613-7




You will need to review sequence, decision and repetition structures in VBScript.  Students will see the similarities to QBASIC and VB immediately.  Next, you need to review or learn to use HTML forms and their role in Internet programming.


In addition, the student must how add VBScript to HTML code using the following delimiters :  <%  …………….  %>.  Also, the student should note the use of the <SCRIPT> tag when designing interactive web pages in VBSCript.


Activity A


Go back to the VB on the Web webpage.  Use View-Source Code to view VBScript code.  Search for the “Simple Validation” program code.  This will demonstrate sequence and decision.  Simply cut and paste VBScript examples to your ASP TEST web page.   Modify the program to accept values between 1 and 20 and change the error message to be more entertaining.




Modify messages and add another time range to the TIME sensitive VBSCript provided.



Activity B



Search the Internet for 2 more VBScript programs.   Go to ASP101 and download the random_number.asp and unzip it to your WWWROOT directory.  Run this application from your browser.  Next, locate some other interesting ASP examples and add them to your test page.