OOP Multimedia Design Challenge



In this lab you will attempt to incorporate true object-oriented design concepts to create a sound effects applet.The purpose of the applet is to provide dynamic or date sensitive content to a web destination of your choice.The applet must detect the local userís system date or the serverís date to use as an input parameter.In addition, you will design a class that will encapsulate all possible sound effects.Another class (ex. DoSoundEffects.class) will create an instance of the SoundEffects.class file to generate the appropriate output.


Initial brainstorming :


public class SoundEffects



void Halloween()




Breaking Glass



void Christmas()



Jingle Bells






public class DoSoundEffects extends Applet implements Runnable



system date


new SoundEffects


if (date = October)


Halloween = new SoundEffects()

randomsound.Halloween(1, 2,3 or 4)


} // end DoSoundEffects