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Course Handicap

Maximum Number
On Any Hole

0 or plus

1 over par

1 through 18

2 over par

19 through 32

3 over par

33 and over

4 over par

Interpreting Golf Handicap Index

Index Range Interpretation
0 - 2 You are a professional golfer. You employ excellent course management skills. You have a good mental game.
3 - 7 You are an accomplished golfer. You have a routine and repeatable swing. You save strokes around the green and you avoid "hail Mary" shots.
8 - 12 You a very good golfer. However, you suffer from the "tin cup" syndrome and lose strokes due to weak course management skills. Also, you need to improve your mental game if you want to get to the next level. Finally, you need to develop a routine (ex. Mike Weir).
13 - 17 You are a skilled golfer. You need to improve your mental game and avoid giving up strokes on the course. You need to spend more time at the range to develop a repeatable swing. Concentrate on developing a putting routine and get long putts close. Improve your short game! Take a few lessons.
18 - 21 You are a "bogey" golfer and you enjoy the game. You can make pars and birdies but they are rare. You're not sure where the ball is going when you have the driver in your hand. You need to develop a repeatable swing and work on hitting greens in regulation from 100 yds.

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